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I’m extremely inspired by nicterhorstsketch I’m trying to give it my own sort of swing. So a second girl in bikini!

I’ve been craving for summer…



Wauw… I laughed so hard at this, it’s too good! It would be considered a crime not to share! ;)

(Source: hudsonchristie, via groeneinkt)

I tried to make a stamp. The first try didn’t really work out but I made the best of it.

My easter outfit… Happy Easter everyone! :)

It’s been a while since I’ve actually animated something. Strange for someone who’s going to be an animator and is an animation student. I’m happy with how it turned out. It’s my very first walkcycle with a character that has more than two legs. Lots of flaws but hey, I’m still learning.

My inspiration was a music video by Chef’s Special - In your Arms. That features this armadillo and I loved it. I found the picture in the background on, it was shot by: Moyan Brenn.

I was bored, so I drew some of my favourite characters. Do you recognize them?

Both characters in their background designed by Coco Ouwerkerk.

This one is all mine! :D
It’s the other main character for that school project I was talking about.

Modelsheet for an animation character from a schoolproject. Credits for character design go to Coco Ouwerkerk. I just did the coloring for this one!